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About ABYX


ABYX was established in 2012 in Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil, after realizing that many local digital agencies lack of primary values for service providing: high level of commitment with clients, detailed and intelligent strategic plan and real passion for digital technology. Exploring these values as our main differentials, ABYX has been expanding its market share in Brazil digital market, spreading the good practices of development, as digital partner of many local and global companies.

Our history is brief, but our accomplishments are valuable. We thank our clients for relying on our work and commitment to deliver effective solutions. Most of all, we thank for our valuable, exciting and true friendship.


We are moved by our passion for technology. The endless search for innovation and creative solutions is our main value, our inspiration, our reason for existence.


Developing projects is more than an objective, it is the essence of a true partnership, based on a corporate friendship and our commitment to provide effective solutions.


We value the basics: we focus on commited deadlines, we are always available, we have ethics and respect for others. True relationship and transparency make stronger networking!

Our Clients


Mobile App Development

Our team loves challenging developments! That is why we offer the opportunity to transform your ideas into apps for smartphones, tablets and smart watch. Or even an opportunity to your company to explore mobile apps as marketing and/or corporate management tools.

See how to explore all possibilities provided by mobile apps, including sending/receiving images, real-time positioning, push notifications, connectivity with social networks, and how to offer a differentiated experience to your clients. Don’t miss the innovation era, and get your own app developed by ABYX! Your ideas at your fingertips.




In this digital era, online tools can be very effective and flexible. One of these tools is the corporate website, which is the door of your business, and must provide a relevant experience to your current and potential clients. This way, it can be a great way of exposure, relationship and attraction at first sight, which are very important in a market where a click can be a difference between you and your competitor.

We provide studies about all online variables related to your business before development: target, competition and the online relevance that your business must have based on the objectives. We also provide CMS solutions and maintenance plans for your online structure. Contact us for more details.


Corporate websites can be more than business window; they can be a productive tool to develop your relationship with clients and partners. One of the solutions with great effectiveness is the product catalog management. ABYX has developed a platform so you can update directly the catalog in your website in a design developed just for your business.

Using modern, safe and flexible programming, everything in your e-catalog is planned and prepared so your website is optimized with relevant content and design suitable for your business. We also offer the option of restricted access and access control.


Today, there are many, many e-commerce sites across Brazil, and online sales have been increasing each day. There are countless creative and diversified types of sites. With an idea, even with low investment, it is possible to increase sales in the Brazilian web, still with great potential within the next five years.

There are many opportunities to be explored, as there are still many amateur stores with no consumer treatment policy, and cost, process and inventory control. This is where ABYX can help you: we provide consulting and support for you to start your e-commerce with solid base, maximizing functionality, control and process, in accordance with local legislation.


In recent years, the spread of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and why not, smart TVs) has changed the way of internet access. Nowadays, about half of the world’s internet access comes from these gadgets, which shows that the post-PC era is real. The access channel has also changed: web browsers are more complex, and interactivity with user through mobile apps is more accessible every day.

We can open the doors of mobile for you. With our expertise in mobile programming, we can identify opportunities and offer solutions to enhance your business, such responsive layouts, e-commerce, apps and interactive campaigns, among other approaches.


There is no need to explain why your business must be visible on the internet. Through the web, your clients can reach your products and services, you can explore market opportunities and strategic partnerships are built. On the other hand, online communication demands a significant effort in order to highlight your company, brand or product in other billions of references. How to make your business relevant in a few clicks?

We have a planning and development team to optimize sites and make every content relevant, working with tools such as SEO and sponsored links. We also develop online campaigns such as hot sites, online contests, apps, e-mail marketing, campaigns in social media and banners for portals, with effectiveness monitoring. ABYX develops all materials, from design/layout to video/animation production.


Web systems are widely used as management and sales tools as it can manage relevant data and information to generate various types of reports, and can be adapted to any internal process in a company. They are very flexible to install and change, different from regular and stick ERP systems. And also, they are easily accessible through any browser, from a computer or a mobile device, anywhere.

We have experience in developing strategic solutions for companies, for planning and/or process control. Along with programming expertise, intelligent architecture and experience in corporate management, we can offer the best web tools for your business.

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